About Us

Our Philosophy

Be the best college prep service in Orange County. We’re passionate about pretty much one thing: helping you find the college that’s perfect for you. It’s different for everyone. It has nothing to do with brand-name. It has nothing to do with where everyone else wants you to go. It has everything to do with YOU. Whether you can’t wait to paint yourself from head-to-toe on that first fall football Saturday, or you’d rather find yourself in a field full of wildflowers digging into the classics, we’ll help you find that place where you will thrive.

What We Do

We empower you to take ownership of the high school and college experience you want to have. We’ll help you create a 4-year academic plan based on your strengths and goals. We’ll help you find passions and activities that you love. We’ll give you strategies for success, and mentor you along the way. And most importantly, we’ll help you find the colleges that make the most sense for you. We might even do a little happy dance with you when you get that acceptance letter from your favorite college!

Why We’re Different

We’ve been told our approach is refreshing. We’re not in the business of packaging you for certain colleges because we believe you are uniquely you for good reasons. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the next four years of your education. We don’t guarantee acceptance to an Ivy League school (beware those who do!), not because we think you aren’t capable, but because we want realistic goals to be part of an honest conversation. We do promise that when it comes to finding a college you love and putting your best foot forward we have the experience and expertise to make it happen, whether that’s an Ivy League institution or a small-relatively unknown liberal arts college in Nebraska.