Game over SAT and ACT Tests?

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Game over SAT and ACT Tests?

Testing. Many parents and students love to hate the high stakes testing that is so closely tied into getting into college. There is good news for the test phobic though due to a rise in “test optional” schools. But before we start dancing the jig, it’s important to remember that test-optional doesn’t mean what you think it means. Colleges still want and need something that demonstrates your academic strength. Often times test optional schools will require students to have a minimum GPA, a rigorous curriculum. In some instances schools will want you to produce a portfolio of your academic work, and many will require you to complete application essays. But with more than 800 colleges not requiring the use of test scores as part of their evaluation for admission you may well have some terrific options.

Here is a complete list from The National Center for Fair and Open Testing, FairTest.

A special note for future test takers in the class of 2017 and beyond: the new SAT is being administered for the first time on March 5, 2016. For information on what to expect, click here.

The ACT was also redesigned including changes to the writing test and new readiness scores and indicators. Click for more info and scroll down to see the new Sample Score Reports.

Students and families would do well to remember that taking the highest level of classes that the student can handle, getting good grades in your classes, especially the academic ones (English, math, science, social science and foreign language) help show your ability. But at least there are options if testing is just not your thing.

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