Congratulations Graduates!

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Congratulations Graduates!

High School Graduation is for celebrating.

Many of my clients are in their caps and gowns today, accepting their high school diplomas at graduation exercises and looking forward to a celebratory dinner with friends and family and a grad night event. I couldn’t be more proud of all the hard work they’ve done to get there and for what their college futures hold.

Today is when I say, “Congratulations!” and share my best wishes for them.

I wish each of my students the strength that it will take adjusting to their new “home away from home,” with a new roommate (or three), at a new school, while learning the new tempo to their days as college freshmen.

I wish for them a curious mind, and a heart that is open to all the newness around them.

I wish for them to be brave, and to step out of their high school group or persona and to meet new people and experience new things and that they embrace this time in their life to its full extent taking advantage of what their colleges offer.

I wish for them a sense of confidence laced with humility so they can go forward, without fear of the unknown, while also recognizing they still have much to learn (and that their parents might actually know something after all!).

I wish for them to hold onto their youthful outlooks all their days and to act upon some of the things they dared to dream, write about, or talk about with me during our essay brainstorming sessions.

Most of all, I wish that they always remember, that it was my pleasure shepherding them through their college process.

While I look forward to my next group of seniors, tonight I’ll remember how fortunate I’ve been to work with and spend time getting to know each of my amazing seniors in the Class of 2017.

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