UC & Balance!

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UC & Balance!

It’s a busy time of year in admissions offices across the country, including the nine campuses that make up the University of California system, as schools begin to welcome their new first year students in the weeks to come.

Preliminary numbers from the UC’s show, once again, there is a big demand for a seat in one of the schools.

Returning to first place again this year is UCLA, followed UC Berkeley and UC San Diego as the top three schools to receive the most applications. The UC application numbers for each are as follows:

UCLA: 86,472; UC Berkeley: 73,711; San Diego: 73,437; Santa Barbara: 66,756; Irvine: 66,426; Davis: 60,496; Santa Cruz: 40,687; Riverside: 34,899; Merced: 15,264. For full article details click here.

This information isn’t meant to raise anxiety or stress levels, rather it is to demonstrate the need for students to have a balanced list of schools, especially here in California. In our experience, students who cast their net wide and include out-of-state and private schools have more options and are more likely to find a good fit school for them.

We think it’s important to spend time with our clients getting to know them and asking them lots of questions to help them articulate what they need and want. We ask them about a whole host of college related wish list items including what academic environment and offerings they’re looking for; what the student body and student life needs to be like; whether a big name school is important, what area of the country they’d consider; and the importance to them that they fit in. While a large public university with lecture halls filled with above 400 students is great for one student it isn’t for another who wants a more collaborative and smaller classroom setting where they can get to know their professors. We help our students figure that out about and for themselves.

So while we wait to hear from our clients about the acceptance letters they receive, we also begin our work with the high school Class of 2015 helping them find the colleges that make the most sense for them. Want your student to have a balanced list full of great options? Call us today for a free 30 minute phone consult.



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