Why and How to Choose a College Consultant

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Why and How to Choose a College Consultant

Is your high school teen college-bound? Are you worried about how to help them? Then hiring an independent college consultant may be a good idea. Why? Because college consultants are not high school counselors and can offer a different kind of expertise, flexibility, and personal attention. An independent consultant’s only focus is in the best interest and success of their students. When looking for a consultant, just like when looking for a school, parents should look for the best fit for their child.

One of the best ways to find an independent college consultant is to ask your friends or other trusted sources for referrals. There’s always the internet, but not ranking high on a Google search doesn’t mean that a consultant is inferior; in fact, it may mean the consultant’s financial resources are spent on more important work like doing the things in #3 below.

Here are three minimums a college consultant should have:

  1. A Certificate in Higher Education College Consulting, typically from a reputable institution of higher learning, such as the University of California.
  2. Membership in professional organizations such as the National Association for College Admission Counseling and its Regional affiliate; Higher Education Consultants Association; and Independent Educational Consultants Association.
  3. Regular meetings with admissions counselors; yearly travel to see colleges on their own; attending professional conferences; and participating in continuing education.

You deserve to work with a consultant who continues their education, has a network of resources, and understands current admission trends.

As a member of The College Crew, in addition to the three minimums above, we have a combined 30+ years of experience, guiding more than 1,000 families through the college journey, supporting both students and parents along the way. We feel privileged to be trusted professionals during such a pivotal part of a teen’s life.