4 Tips for Choosing The Right College!

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4 Tips for Choosing The Right College!

Finding a college that’s right for you should be fun. Here are four easy steps to get your college search started. For rising seniors in the Class of 2020, it’s especially important to start now, if you haven’t already, in addition to finishing your junior year strong with the best grades you can earn.

Tip #1. Read about colleges you are interested in. Go directly to the college websites, read college guidebooks, research student reviews on websites like Unigo, and take notice of what you like and don’t like. When a book or site suggests “similar” schools, check those out too.

Tip #2. Get out and visit. See local colleges first. Visit a small private school, a large public university, and other types of colleges nearby you. Even if you will not apply to those schools, you will still learn something by seeing what you like and don’t like about them. Remember to jot your thoughts down so you remember. Remember campuses may be quieter than normal in the summer but it’s still good to visit.

Tip #3: Don’t be one of the students who come to us at the beginning of senior year without a clue as to what you want in a college experience. At that point, it’s really tough to start visiting schools and doing good research to come up with a good college list for you) Too many students just guess at what they might like, and end up applying to a random group of schools that may or may not be a good fit for them. Don’t let that be you!

Tip #4. Get excited! You have a whole huge world of possibilities just around the corner for you, and YOU get to be the author of this next adventure. You may have seen nothing but stress and drama from your senior friends about the college application process, but the truth is…it’s actually a lot of fun!

Starting early in high school means you can ease into the process, and have a lot more time to really reflect on what type of college is going to work best for you. This will not only make your college list better, it will strengthen your applications because you will be able to clearly tell the admissions office WHY their school is a great fit for you.

So get excited! And if you have questions, contact us.

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