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If you are looking for assistance creating a plan for high school coursework and more, we can help. We review student goals and interests related to college, academic strengths and weaknesses, and create the best educational plan. There are no right and wrong answers; it's a highly personalized path.



This is probably THE most important part of the college application process! Parents and students often build a college list based only on schools they've heard of, without considering whether or not those schools would be a good fit for the student. This is where we come in. 

We curate personalized college lists for the teens who want to paint themself from head to toe in team colors for the football games to students who'd rather dig into the classics. 



Most students break a sweat thinking about the essay. It's a different writing style than what they've been taught and likely the first time they've been asked to reflect on who they are. 

We spend significant time getting to know our students, finding out what is meaningful to them, and brainstorming before a single word is written. We guide and coach students from start to finish, usually in 4 weeks or less, and ensure their essay shows admissions officers who they are and what makes them tick.

Student with college admissions counselor
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